11 Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Make Any Couple Happy

So your friend is getting married soon and you want to shower them with a unique gift. A meaningful friend deserves a personalized pick that shows how well you know their personality on the day they say ‘I DO’. It is important that you consider wedding gift ideas that can help the wedding couple settle into a new life together. You can choose a splurge-worthy present or a simple but creative offering to accompany their wedding registry. If at all the couple has already picked their registry, be sure to shop there because they did it for a good reason. It is not easy to find the perfect gift for an important event such as a wedding. Here, we shall simplify your selection process if you are looking to surprise the newlyweds.

Many times, wedding gift ideas originate from the bride and groom’s wish list. It is imperative that you respect their wishes. Perhaps you have found yourself in a conundrum- not sure what gift can make the wedding couple happy. Fret not because we have a list that can please both contemporary and classic weds. Do not be shy to go over and above the wedding theme. Keep in mind the bride’s taste and the groom’s hobbies when choosing a treat. Perhaps the groom loves playing games. Or the bride has a passion for cooking and traveling. The gift can either be indulgent or useful. Both sentiments will be highly appreciated by the couple.

Here is a list you should consider when thinking about what to bring to a wedding.

1) Eye-Catching Cookbook
A just-married cookbook is an ideal present for any bride that wants to spoil their new husband with home-made delicacies. A new couple enjoys great dinners. So they need good information on grocery shopping, recipes, and useful kitchen tips. The good thing about a cookbook is that it can be referred for many years to come. Some couples prefer cooking together and spending quality time in the kitchen. A classic cookbook with leather bindings and vibrant color palettes can be an icon on the shelves.

2) Snack-Pack
Any couple would appreciate a delicious and light snack on their wedding night. There is a variety of options at snackswithbite.com that the couple can enjoy on their trip to a honeymoon destination. Some are travel snacks and do not need refrigeration. They are very convenient to pack and can easily slip on any luggage bag. You can choose vegan and gluten-free bites depending on the taste of the newlyweds.

3) Champagne Glasses
Champagne glasses are essential wedding gift ideas that you can use to shower a couple with luxuriousness. A set of crystal flutes is a meaningful keepsake. They also come in handy when toasting to the big day.

4) Custom Portrait
There is no better way to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event with a customized portrait. You can send a picture of both the bride and the groom to an experienced artist to order a custom image.

5) Coasters
A newly wedded couple needs some ring coasters. When stacked together in glass coasters, both rings represent an exquisite ensemble. The coasters are meant to protect the surfaces of the beautiful rings. You can opt for personalized tags on the display window box. For the perfect tag lines, think about the history of the couple, their passion, or their hometown.

6) Bridal Makeup
Every bride will appreciate a makeup bag to carry her every-day essentials. A makeup bag should be easy to tote around and fill with kits. It should be spacious enough to hold lip balms, bandages, painkillers, and small mirrors.

7) Custom-Made Lumbar Pillow
A pillow that has been personalized with a script can be a fun gift for a wedding. Consider a script that the couple will cherish forever.

8) Cork Globe
There are many globes out in the market that are mounted on steel or stainless bases. Such a gift helps a busy couple to keep track of their excursions and vacations.

9) Monogrammed Wedding Gift Ideas
Monogrammed towels, glasses, and mugs are foolproof personalized presents. They are some of the gifts that feel super posh to new couples when they settle down in their own homes. The glasses can be used toast during wedding anniversaries in the future.

10) Honeymoon Excursion
Choose how much you want to spend to give the couple a vacation gift after their wedding. You need to know the kind of experience the couple prefers for their honeymoon. Look for options that are redeemable while the couple is still enjoying their honeymoon. That way, they will save money if they take another vacation in the future.

11) GoPro Live Streaming Camera
A honeymoon trip is a significant getaway to remember. The best way to create unforgettable moments is by capturing great photos and videos. A GoPro camera with a live streaming option is a perfect gift. The rugged camera can capture both traditional footage and time-lapses thanks to plenty of features.

Looking for the best wedding gift ideas? We recommend that you adhere to the registry laid out by the newlyweds. But if you have to get something more personal, we recommend that you try one of the options listed above. You will find plenty of goods that can be used on the wedding day. The gifts are so fun for a newly wedded couple. They are so surprising that no one would think of for their first day in marriage. When you want a quick wedding gift, ordering it online makes your process easier. With expedite shipping; you can expect to have it on your doorstep before the wedding day. Make your friend’s big day an event to remember with elegant and fun presents.