What To Include In Christmas Hampers?

If you don’t send out or receive hampers during the Christmas celebration, some people might wonder if you actually live on planet earth. Now, this may sound like an extravagant exaggeration, but it is a reflection of how widespread the custom of sending out and receiving hampers has become. You don’t even have to be a Christian to send or receive Christmas hampers. As long as you have friends and relations, you are eligible for hampers. The question is: What exactly do we include in the Christmas hampers? Just visit a Hampers With Bite Christmas hamper website and you will get some amazing ideas. You can even sit down with a pen and a of paper and create your own list of items you want to put in the hamper you are sending out to friends and family. Note that when it comes to Christmas hampers, one size does not fit all. The items you put in the hamper will depend on the person you are sending it to and the relationship between you and the individual in question.

Christmas Hampers for Friends

If you are sending out hampers to your close friends, you are perfectly at liberty to break some rules but you have to include all the traditional items first. In this case, you should include cookies, chocolates, a bottle of wine, cakes, sweets, powdered milk, green peas, baked beans and tomato ketchup. Since the recipient is your pal, you can add other things that may not quite be on the traditional list. For instance, if your friend loves booze, you can throw in a few cans of beer or a bottle of brandy along with other items in the hamper.

Christmas Hampers for Dad and Mum

If you are old enough to send out hampers, chances are your parents are senior citizens already. Now, if you have old parents, you can simply send out one hamper for both parents. You can even send out two hampers to them but here’s the thing. These two people have lived together for a long time so they are practically one. They have the same interests and they like the same things. For this reason, you don’t have to separate the hampers into “dad” and “mum” hampers. Just send out the hampers as Christmas hampers for “my parents”. Among other things, the Christmas hamper for your parents should include bread, cakes, jam, nuts, crackers, wine, champagne, mince pies, Christmas pudding and chocolates. Since the recipients are senior citizens, you can add items like low-fat powdered milk, smoked salmon and pure honey.

Christmas Hampers for Your Boss

One person you should send a hamper this Christmas is your boss. Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to send out a gift or two to your boss. A gift for your boss can be considered an extension of office politics so you have to be very careful here. You cannot send out a gift that will portray you in bad light. It is all about “political correctness” and workplace ethics. To ensure you send your boss the perfect hamper, you should order a Christmas hamper from a classy online outfit. However, the hamper gets delivered to you so you can see what it contains and what it does not contain. You know your boss and you know exactly what he or she likes. Now, it is time to put this knowledge to work. Remove some of the items you think your boss will not like from the hamper and add other items you are sure the boss will like. That’s all you have to do. Now, you can send the “correct” hamper to your boss.

The rules of sending out Christmas hampers are not cast in stone. Apply a bit of innovation here and you will get it right.