Popular Types Of Curtains & Blinds – Spectrum

Having windows with no coverage whatsoever makes everything seem unfinished. Not only that, but it’s simply impossible to get a certain amount of privacy. That is why people invest in curtains & blinds for their windows. With so many different options, what are some of the best out there? Sophie from Spectrum Curtains & Blinds says It depends on what a person is looking for:

Blinds are usually a bit more expensive than curtains, and they are easy to fix if something does go wrong. Since they are made up of individual slats, just one needs to replaced if there is an issue. They come in a variety of types, and it’s easy to fit the style of any home.

The most popular types of blinds include vertical and Venetian. With vertical blinds, there are individual slats that go from the top to the bottom. They can either open side-by-side, or one big part in the middle. Most usually reserve these for taller windows, but they look good no matter what.

It’s a little more common to find Venetian blinds, since they go horizontally and fit more window types. There is usually a very easy string to pull to open and close the blinds.

Use curtains by themselves, or let them provide additional coverage for blinds and shades. Curtains help to protect, and they also make things look nicer overall. They provide some quick coverage if needed, and they are easy to wash once they collect a good amount of dust and dirt.

With curtains, a lot of options are different in subtle ways. At the top, the way they attach to the bar makes a big difference. Some will want very close pleats, while others want a more ripple of fact throughout.

Just about every set of curtains work the exact same way. There are no special instructions, so a person never feels overwhelmed when setting them up themselves.

If a person wants complete privacy, they should look for curtains that are labeled as blackout. This will keep out any sun or light that comes in. It also provides just the right amount of privacy a person is looking for so those passing by are not attempting to look inside.

Since most blinds and curtains function the same way, it really comes down to personal preference. Most people want a set up that is very functional, and easy to transition from the day to the night. Don’t be afraid to try out a few options out and see which one best fits the current set up of the home.