The Latest Design Trends In Bathrooms

Everyone has been spending more time in their homes these days so flaws are becoming harder to ignore. If you are eager to renovate your house but you have a limited budget, then focus on one room at a time. The bathroom is a good starting point since it is a small yet highly utilized space. Make sketches of your ideal results. Consider the latest design trends in bathroom styling to achieve a fresh contemporary look.

Concrete Finish

Stark industrial design has been making its way into homes for a while now. Many are applying the principles of utilitarian philosophy by using bare concrete finish in their bathrooms from the walls to the countertops. Some might even include floating shelves for towels and toilet paper. Large bathrooms can include concrete seating. Balance is achieved by adding potted plants for splashes of brown and green amidst the sea of gray.

Nontraditional Mirrors

Those who wish to add a statement piece in their bathroom may look into large nontraditional mirrors. Find ones with irregular shapes to draw the eyes and provide a surprise. Asymmetrical frames are particularly eye-catching. The frames could be made of wood or metal with different finishes available. Make sure that these go well with the walls.

Natural Lighting

Say goodbye to tiny windows that barely let light shine through. Larger windows are trending, especially above and beside the sink. This provides excellent illumination when facing the mirror when shaving the face, doing makeup, or fixing hair. Some have even gone the extra mile by installing skylights above the shower or bathtub.

Textured Tiles

White subway tiles have dominated bathrooms for a long while because of their elegant simplicity and budget-friendly price but many want to break from this ubiquitous wall finish. This year, designers are bringing texture and color into these spaces. Tiles can have unconventional shapes, rough surfaces, and dark colors to make things more interesting.

Modern Light Fixtures

The advent of LED technology gave rise to endless possibilities with lighting design. If you want a more modern look for your bathroom, then replace your old fixtures with geometric bulbs, strip lighting, and other elements that can change the atmosphere. Some of these can even switch between different colors to capture different moods.

Bathroom Garden

Plants are used as d├ęcor in many living rooms. Now they are also being taken inside bathrooms so that they can lend their natural charm. You can start with a small pot or go big with a veritable garden. Choose hardy plants that are known to thrive despite a low amount of sunlight.

Hidden Drains

If you are looking for ways to make your bathroom super sleek, then consider hiding the drains. There are linear drains that work well with showers. Have the floor slop gently to a narrow side where water can go down the drain in a subtle manner. It’s a very clean solution for those who are aiming for perfection.


Lastly, search for art pieces that you can hang on the walls. This could be a large singular artwork or a collection of small pieces revolving around the same theme. Owners may install paintings, pictures, or prints, depending on their preferences. The subject may be the family, pets, travel destinations, quotes, or pop culture. Make sure that these have suitable frames.

Thanks to Brad from Bathroom Renovations Melbourne for providing his knowledge of the latest trends in bathroom design & finishes.