TasteBuds Chocolate Bouquets

Based in Australia, https://www.tastebuds.com.au/ is a first-class gift supplier that specialises in remarkable creations of chocolate bouquets and chocolate hampers. Tastebuds’ employees include qualified and experienced florists who produce spectacular bouquets and hampers that are fit for just about any occasion. Their experienced network of distributors also ensures the prompt delivery of these chocolate delights. Below are details of some of the deliciously stunning creations offered by Tastebuds.com.au:

The Perfect Arrangement

Packaged in a gold tin, this arrangement is a treat for the eyes, nose and the taste buds. It is a delicious combination of chocolate treats; namely Lindt Raspberry Balls, Ferrero Rocher Balls and Gold Belgian Chocolate Hearts.

You have the option of customizing this arrangement to suit the unique taste of the recipient. This can be done by adding items like personalized wine, personalized beer, personalized candle, personalized ribbon and a personalized chocolate box.

Be Mine Bouquet

Packaged as a beautiful bouquet reminiscent of radiant red roses with hints of gold, the Be Mine Bouquet is the ideal gift for that special chocolate-loving individual who deserves an exceptional treat. This edible thing of beauty is made up of 50 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts designed to allow the recipient to temporarily escape reality and indulge in the fulfillment of a chocolate dream.

Stay Gold Chocolate Bouquet

This 12 year old Whiskey is perfectly complemented by the ideal quantity of chocolates to create this Stay Gold Chocolate Bouquet. It contains 10 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Stars, 10 Hazelnut Lindor Balls and a 700 milliletre bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky.

Lilacs & Violets Bouquet

For the royal purple lover in your life, this bouquet is packaged in a tin pail in a glorious shade of purple. Included in this gift are 10 Baci Dark Chocolate Balls and 12 Belgian Milk Chocolatier Stars. This could make the ideal birthday gift for a chocolate lover in your life or be given on any other occasion to a friend, colleague or family member.

The Luxurious Moet Collection

This luxurious collection provides the perfect way to use bubbles and chocolate to tell somebody special that he or she is in your thoughts. This is a definite favourite for just about any recipient. It consists of gourmet chocolates and it adds a personal touch and makes for a delectable present.

It contains a 750 millimetre bottle of Moet Chandon, 25 Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts and 25 Hazelnut Ferrero Chocolate Balls. You have the option of placing a personalised sticker on the bucket or it will be blank when it is delivered.

Pink Delight Chocolate Bouquet

This is another one of the deliciously edible chocolate bouquets offered by Tastebuds.com.au. It is packaged in a perfectly pretty pink tin and is an ideal gift for that special someone who is deserving of a tasty and tantalizing treat. This fusion of gourmet chocolates and bubbly is designed to add some zest to the day of the recipient. It includes 8 Raspberry Lindor Balls, 16 Chocolatier Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts and a 700 millimetre bottle of Minchibury Blush Rose Cuvee Nv.

These are just a few of the stunning and delicious chocolate bouquets and chocolate hampers offered by Tastebuds.com.au. These and other creations make ideal gifts for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays, graduation, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Best of all, they can all be customized for an even more special touch.